Mull And Iona Eco Charter – 2022

The Mull and Iona Eco charter was launched a number of years ago to recognise local businesses that adopt and pursue ecological approaches to their activities. Businesses signing up for the Mull and Iona Eco Charter demonstrates to their customers their positive commitment to the local and wider environment.

With a very competitively priced fee of £12 (2022) it’s an economical way of showing customers that you care.

We are currently renewing and upgrading the eco charter. Please get in touch if you would like to join the scheme this year.

Recognising that our lifestyle choices can make a positive difference to the wellbeing of others and to the local and wider environment, including the fragile eco-systems of Mull, Iona and our surrounding islands, we strive to:

Reduce waste by recycling as much as possible
including paper, cardboard, glass, textiles, cans, and plastic bottles.

Reduce waste by composting suitable organic materials
such as vegetable peelings, flower cuttings and rotten fruit.

Conserve energy use
by using low energy light bulbs, and switching off lights and appliances not in use, use a lower temperature setting on washing machine; ensuring dishwash-ers are full, using energy efficient appliances, turning down our water heater thermostat, line dry clothing when possible, have adequate loft and cavity wall insulation.

Use water more efficiently
by using reduced flush toilets, showers rather than baths, limited use of hose pipes and use of water butts.

Purchase environmentally friendly products
including local produce; organic and fair trade products; items with recycled content; products which are harmless to the environment.

Care for the natural environment
by planting native trees, avoiding unnecessary use of chemical cleaners, pesticides and weed killers, responsible disposal of hazardous household wastes.

Embrace renewable technology
by considering use of renewable technologies such as solar water heating, wind power, biomass, ground source and air source heating systems.

Actively reduce our carbon footprint
by signing up to a renewable energy supplier, use public transport where prac-tical, run an energy efficient vehicle and drive it smoothly to increase fuel efficiency.

We support the work of The Mull and Iona Community Trust’s MESS Project, and encourage others to do the same.