We have been out and about at local events and visiting schools helping to educate and inform about environmental issues.
Our current funding finishes soon but we hope to secure funding again shortly to continue our work.


  • Grow some food.

  • Buy local & seasonal – lower food miles.

  • Use up my leftovers & compost more.
  • Have a regular meat free day.
  • Eat organic.
  • Buy food with less packaging.


  • Improve energy efficiency by looking at my heating system, insulation & draught proofing.
  • Save energy by drying washing outside.

  • Turn off appliances & lights when not in use.


  • Think before I buy – do I really need this?

  • Repair/upcycle my things & recycle what I can’t.

  • Buy more pre-loved goods & donate unwanted items to charity.

  • Find alternatives to single use items.


  • Walk or cycle to the shops or school.
  • Car share or use public transport where possible.
  • Consider using the train or bus for UK & European trips.
  • Consider hybrid/electric when renewing your vehicle.

In Scotland, individuals and households account for over 75% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas consumption emissions, (all the emissions for which we are responsible as consumers of goods and services, including those we import into Scotland).

Contributions to our consumption emissions in Scotland are made up from: